Before Bradley Cooper, These Actors Were Almost Cast in A Star Is Born

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Everyone knows that Bradley Cooper is an incredible actor, but he completely blew people out of the water with his performance in A Star is Born. The 43-year-old made it pretty clear that he can not only act, but also SING like a freakin’ superstar thanks to his portrayal of Jack in the flick. But while B.Coops seems like the only person who could possibly take on the iconic role, which has already been seen on the big screen twice, it took a LONG time to find him.

The third remake of ASIB took YEARS to create and, throughout that time, many people were in talks to play Jack and Ally. At one time, for example, Beyoncé was the singer slated to play the female lead, but Lady Gaga eventually took over. But who was up for her male counterpart before Bradley signed on the dotted line? Keep reading!