An Exclusive Clip From A Fairly Odd Summer That You Need to Watch Immediately

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It's time for another Fairly Odd Parents movie, and this time the whole gang is having some summer fun! A Fairly Odd Summer (airing on Nickelodeon Saturday August 2 at 8 PM!) stars Drake Bell and Daniella Monet as Timmy and Tootie (duh!) and finds Timmy stuck with guarding the magical and mysterious Abra-Cadabrium while everyone else is in Hawaii However, Foop and Denzel Crocker hatch a plot to steal it from him which as you could imagine leads to some SERIOUS chaos.

Before you tune in to A Fairly Odd Summer this weekend, we thought we'd share an EXCLUSIVE clip from the movie which you can watch below! Be sure to check it out. Don't forget — A Fairly Odd Summer airs Saturday August 2 at 8 PM — trust us, you won't want to miss it!

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