10 Things That Prove A Cinderella Story Is a Timeless Classic

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Hilary Duff sure knows how to make a flawless movie, doesn't she? Not only did she star in the cinematic perfection that is The Lizzie McGuire Movie, but she also was in this little gem called A Cinderella Story.

Now, if you haven't seen it, it's basically a modern day telling of Cinderella. (Well, it was modern then since it came out in 2004.) Any ways, it's obviously based on a timeless classic, so it makes sense that it can span across the ages. However, this is just something special about this adaptation that will forever make it one of our faves.

To see 10 things that prove our theory of its perfection, scroll below!

1. Chad Michael Murray

Enough said.


2. Hilary Duff gave us so many FEELS!

This broke our hearts.


3. It gives you the confidence to get rid of anyone who isn't productive in your life.

You tell 'em, Hilary! Er, Sam.


4. Her Stepmother was HILARIOUS.

She was mean, but hey, she made us laugh.


5. It gives some amazing life advice.

BRB CRYING. Oh, and let's not forget, "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."


6. It has knee-slappers like this moment.



7. It has a makeover montage.

Let's be real, who doesn't love those?

giphy (1)

8. It's super deep.



9. Her friend Carter is adorable.

Just look at him!


10. THIS!

Need we say more?


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