Lucy Hale Goes (Accidentally) Naked In This Cinderella Story Clip! (Exclusive Video)

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We think we’ve gotten you pumped enough for A Cinderella Story with this interview, this sneak peek and this song, but here’s another little treat to get you even more siked for Lucy Hale‘s only latest flick. In this clip from the movie that’s exclusive to Teen.com readers, Lucy’s character Katie goes nakie! But it’s not as R-rated as you think…

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It’s because her pesty little bro steals her clothes while she’s in the shower! Ugh, how rude. Watch it below:

A Cinderella Story is out on DVD now! Will you get it? Do you like seeing Lucy as someone other than Aria? Tell us in the comments!

And PS, stay tuned for EXCLUSIVE interviews with the entire cast of A Cinderella Story