This Music Duo Wins the Award for Weirdest Music-Video Cameo EVER

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Celebrities having weird AF music videos isn’t completely out of the ordinary. Nick Jonas played piano in the sky with an old lady in “Jealous” and Miley Cyrus basically ate glitter glue in “Dooo It!,” but music duo 99 Percent may have just won the award for weirdest MV cameo EVER.

Hip-hop artists Cameron “Camouflage” Schauer and Johnnie “JayB” Jacob Jr. decided to bring a literal llama to the video for their 2014 single, “Yike In It.” Not a dog, not a cat — a straight-up freakin’ LLAMA.

“His name was Hero and he was not happy to be there,” Camouflage told us during a recent chat. “When I first said I wanted a llama, I pictured llamas being way smaller. This llama was huge and could jump up to 10 feet!”

JayB’s grandmother was also a part of the video and when she accidentally spilled apple juice, Hero got SUPER upset.

“The llama’s legs just spread to each corner because his hooves couldn’t grab the floor. He was scared and he was not happy.”

Working with the animal may have been one of the duo’s most memorable moments, but they’re currently stepping away from farm life and moving on to bigger and better things. Thanks to the exposure from their fan base, Team 99, Camouflage and JayB teamed up with rapper Flo Rida for their newly released single, “Cake.”

“We went to Florida [to film the music video] and Flo Rida IS Florida,” Camouflage explained. “So when we got there it was like the whole city was already there; the mayor was there! He’s a really cool dude… He even told JayB that he could drive his Bugatti.”

While the 99 Percent guys are usually involved in the hip-hop sphere, that doesn’t mean they aren’t aware of other types of artists. In fact, they even got a shout-out from Jacob Sartorius who used their song, “Does Ya Mama Know? (Dance Like That),” for his first musical.ly post.

C & J are currently working on a new EP and a new single and are hoping to headline a tour very, very soon.

Be sure to follow 99 Percent on social media to stay up to date with all their exciting new projects. Watch out for these two, you guys — they’re gonna be HUGE!

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