9021-OMG! The Top 5 Moments From Last Night’s Episode, “It’s Getting Hot in Here”

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Last night’s episode of 90210 was titled “It’s Getting Hot in Here,” and after watching the ep we know why. From hot hut hookups to sweat lodge confessions, check out our recap of the top 5 9021-OMG moments from last night’s episode…

5. Annie has a clone! To quote Annie, cousin Emily is going all Single White Female on her! She dyed her blonde hair brown, she wears Annie’s clothes, and she has the same taste in guys. Emily also purposefully left Annie out of bonding time in the sweat lodge and tried to turn Adrianna and Naomi against her. We knew the innocent act was just that!

4. Adrianna decides to get her baby back. OK, we actually forgot that Adrianna even had a baby and gave it up for adoption in season one, which made this episode cliffhanger even more OMG-worthy.

3. Annie and Liam are finally a couple! Charlie gracefully (and let’s face it, 90210 writers, conveniently) bowed out of the brotherly fight for Annie by fleeing to Paris. We’ll take it!

2. Naomi joins a cult! OK, not really, but maybe? We give Naom props for wanting to do good with her inheritance money, but something tells us we may have to watch out for the yoga master in next week’s eppie to make sure she doesn’t take advantage of our girl!

1. Silver and Navid hook up! Even after attempting to call off their secret romance, Silver and Navid made a sweat lodge of their own in one of the retreat tents.

What was your favorite moment from last night’s 90210? Tell us in the comments!