90210 Recap: The Top 5 9021-OMG Moments From Episode 314, “All About a Boy”

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Yes, we know 90210 was a few nights ago already, but episode 314, “All About a Boy”, had so many 9021-OMG moments that we couldn’t NOT recap it! So, which moment was the most OMG-worthy? Read on for our recap!

5. Ivy sparks up! Ivy overcomes her fear of the water by lighting up a joint. We at Teen.com don’t condone drug use but are definitely curious to see how this plot line develops.

4. Crazy Emily strikes again! Cousin Emily creeps us out, and not just because Abbie Cobb looks EXACTLY like Jennie Garth. (Do we smell another plot twist?) This week Emily continues on her path of Annie destruction by screwing with Annie’s big audition by spilling that Annie’s mom and Mr. Matthews are hooking up, then, if that wasn’t enough, she steals Annie’s part in the play! Normally we’re turned off by characters that show up in the middle of a season to stir things up, but Emily is cray-cray enough that this actually works.

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3. Silver and Navid almost get caught! OK, does anyone else think that Adrianna knows the earring she found in Navid’s room is totally Silver’s? If she does, then next week’s episode will be EPIC.

2. Naomi gets robbed. We knew the moment Naomi revealed she had money to Guru Sona in the sweat lodge (if you’ve read this far then you know what we mean) that the yogi couldn’t be trusted. To be honest, even though we’re bummed that Naomi lost her inheritance after finally letting go of her tramatic rape, we’re glad this Naomi-joined-a-cult plot only lasted one episode.

1. Teddy gets blackmailed into coming out—by his boyfriend. Say it ain’t so! We were so stoked for Teddy to finally admit that he’s gay to his friends, then before we even had a chance to plan his pride parade, a major bomb drops: It was Ian who planted a photo of him and Teddy making out in Teddy’s locker to blackmail him into coming out! Guys suck—even gay ones.

What was your favorite moment from this week’s 90210? Tell us in the comments!