Wanna See the 90210 Boys Soaking Wet?

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Of course you do. And since there isn’t a new episode of 90210 until April 18, we’re guessing a video of Matt Lanter, Michael Steger, and Tristan Wilds all wet will hold you over until then.

So how can you help make this happen?

All you gotta do is like 90210 on Facebook and make sure all your friends do, too. Once their page reaches 3 million followers, we’ll get to see Gillian Zinser dunk Matt, Michael, and Tristan in a tank full of freezing cold water!

What are you waiting for? Click here to like 90210 on Facebook right now. (And while you’re there, like us on Facebook, too!)

Oh, and watch this super-cute video of the guys getting ready to get dunked.