Where Are They Now? The Cast of 90210

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Blogspot (tommycryan)

Blogspot (tommycryan)

If you were anything like us, then 90210 was exactly the kind of zip code you wanted to live and go to high school in. With the beautiful, sunny weather, the even more beautiful people and the fabulous way Beverly Hills’ most exclusive area code was portrayed on the hit CW show, who wouldn’t want to live and party alongside the cast of 90210?! Even with all the drama…

And speaking of the cast, have you ever wondered what everyone has been up to since the days of cruising around and lookin’ cool in the Hills? Well, being the good pop culture junkies we are, we found out exactly what the former residents of the most sought after real estate in all of television have been up to since 90210‘s series finale in 2013. You’re welcome.