Our Oscar Predictions For Worst Dressed, Most Likely to Cry and More!

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The Oscars are tonight, you guys, which means the hottest celebrities in Hollywood will gather to honor each other.  Everyone has predictions for who will win each category, but there are a few areas that people haven’t been as vocal about.  Who will be the worst dressed? Most likely to cry? Most likely to show up for no reason? We’ve got a few predictions of our own…

Actress Most Likely To Cry During Acceptance Speech

If Michelle takes home the gold for playing Marilyn Monroe in My Week with Marilyn, she’s sure to shed some tears onstage. It was hard enough for Michelle to keep it together while accepting her Golden Globe, so it’s completely understandable that she might get teary-eyed if she wins the Oscar, too.

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Worst Dressed on the Red Carpet

This girl, nominated for Best Actress for her role in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, definitely has a flair for the dramatic when dressing for award shows.  But Rooney‘s dark hair and odd makeup choices are just not cute.  She used to look so fresh-faced and natch back in the day. What’s the point in looking older than all of your competition?

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Person Most Likely to Look Bored During the Ceremony

Hands down, Angelina Jolieis always the one they show sitting in the audience looking like she’d rather be anywhere else in the world. But what if Brad Pitt wins for Best Actor for “Moneyball?!” She better start practicing her happy face ASAP.

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Person Attending Who Has No Connection to Acting

It’s always slightly irritating when the red carpet interviewers take time away from chatting up famous actresses to showcase reality stars who have no connection whatsoever to the Oscars.  The Kardashianscan go to the after-parties—they’re obviously good at that—but let’s focus on how gorgeous Michelle Williams looks or how cool it is that Jonah Hill made it to the event, mmkay?!

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Actress Who Is Happy Just to Be Nominated (Honest!)

The hilarious Melissaisn’t just saying she’s glad to be nominated—she really is!  Especially because getting a nod for a comedy is pretty rare. We hope she wins!

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What are your predictions for tonight? Do you agree with ours or were we totally off? Who do you hope takes home an award? Tell it in the comments!

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