8 Signs Your Parents Are Too Strict

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If you have strict parents, you don’t need to be reminded that they’re strict. Your friends comment on it, your curfew is an hour earlier than everyone else’s and the word “sheltered” has an all-too-familiar definition. It’s not fair! You’re not trying to hate on your parents — you love them and know they only want the best for you. But how do you know if they’re ACTUALLY being too strict, or if you’re just being dramatic (like they say)? Their super strict parenting style could actually be harming your development.

Feeling independent enough to make the right decisions is part of becoming an adult! Things like trust, leadership and problem-solving are all skills learned while cavorting with friends in your adolescence. You might make some mistakes along the way, but guess what? EVERYONE DOES. You’re going to take a hit eventually, and the sooner it happens, the more apt you are to learn to roll with the punches.

I may have had the strictest parents in my entire high school. I went the entirety of it without going to an unchaperoned party, without being kissed, and without staying out past 11 on any night (including after prom). Sounds like the beginning to a teen movie where the good girl goes wild, doesn’t it? I may have rebelled a little in my college years (“Mom, Dad… meet my new boyfriend Chad. He’s 35!”) but the biggest thing I missed out on was developing social skills and close friendships in high school. I’ve tried making up for it in my 20s, but I missed out on those critical years.

So, do your parents actually need to chill? Here are 8 surefire signs your parents are too strict:

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