7 Horrible Lessons You Can Learn From 7th Heaven

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It’s safe to say almost everyone in the world has watched at least one episode of 7th Heaven. Growing up, the show was a quintessential part of your week. And, when you stop to think about it, tons of people including Tyler Hoechlin, Jessica Biel and Lance Bass thought so, too! But now that it’s been over seven years since the show has aired, we can look at it in a different light and realize that it actually was teaching people some horrible lessons. Keep reading to see if you remember any of the following:

1. Giving the middle finger is the worst possible thing you can do. Um, it’s not. Just ask Demi Lovato

2. Getting out of a gang is easy. The fact that they downplayed the severity of joining a gang by alluding that leaving one is as simple as asking is a HUGE issue.

3. If you get married after your first date, everything will turn out great! When Matt married Sarah after dating for all of one day, things probably shouldn’t have worked out. But, alas — they did!

4. Hiding a family member’s alcoholism is the way to hep him/her. If you see that someone you know is struggling, you get them PROFESSIONAL help! This is common sense.

5. If you accidentally kill someone, all will be forgiven. When Simon accidentally hit a kid who was riding his bike with his car, there were never any consequences. We understand that accidents happen, but this is a HUGE accident that would’ve definitely had legal consequences IRL.

6. Stealing a glass will get you in huge trouble. Listen, stealing anything is totally bad. But that fact that Mary stole a glass from a restaurant to impress her team and got severely punished for it is all too ridiculous for our taste.

7. Wearing baggy jeans will land you in prison. Like, WHAT?! Guess that explains the whole Justin Bieber thing

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