7 Celebs Who’ve Suffered Through Awkward Teen Moments Just Like You

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Ian Somerhalder Oops Vampire Diaries

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It seems like being a teenager is one embarrassing event after another. Actually, scratch that. Being a teenager totally is one big series of embarrassing events. And celebrities aren’t exempt from that curse. In fact, their mortifying moments might be a little bit worse because the whole world is notified of each one.

So, to make you feel better about all of those times you made a fool of yourself and felt like you were the first one to do so, here are seven celebrities who totally feel your pain:

1. Selena Gomez once fell down the stairs in front of her friends. Because haven’t we all. 🙁

Selena Gomez Red Lip Talking

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2. Justin Bieber puked in public. Maybe we haven’t all had a bad run-in with milk like Justin, but we’ve all had weirdo body reactions at the worst possible of times.

Justin Bieber Pointing

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3. Debby Ryan tripped up an escalator going the wrong way. We are all Debby; Debby is all of us.

Debby Ryan Finger Scared Face

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4. Ashley Tisdale fell over in front of her crush. We can feel both the physical and emotional pain that were definitely involved.

Ashley Tisdale Yikes

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5. Demi Lovato was a victim of a public brain fart. We may not casually shop at Tiffany’s like Demi, but we can definitely list all of the times that we’ve created an awkward moment because we’ve said something embarrassing.

Demi Lovato Wind Blowing

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6. Cody Simpson ripped his pants. And then his sister Alli told us all about it! Typical sibling stuff.

7. Josh Hutcherson showed off some not-smooth moves on a date. Literally both our biggest fear and most likely thing to happen on any given day.

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