6 of Your Favorite Celebrities Who Actually Hired a Fan to Work For Them

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Nick Jonas recently decided to do something not many celebs have done in the past — hiring his fans to be a part of his team. “I want to have an even deeper connection with my fans,” he tweeted last week. “So I am going to create a board of 10-15 fan ambassadors. These people will be my team leaders that I will meet with a few times a year so we can build this thing together. I can’t wait to rally with my fans on everything I do. This is a movement.”

But while the “Chainsaw” singer’s idea is definitely rare, it’s not absolutely unheard of. In fact, many other stars have actually decided to utilize their supporters’ abilities for various reasons. For example, Miley Cyrus accepted the fact that she’ll never be a social media guru, and instead decided to hire the person that ran one of her biggest Twitter fan pages as her personal assistants. One of Taylor Swift‘s fans sang for her at a meet and greet, and she was eventually hired to be her backup singer. While these stories may seem unlikely, they really did happen and prove that fanfiction-like sagas can actually turn into IRL moments.