6 Celebrities Who Posted Pictures of their Ex on Instagram After Breaking Up

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What’s the best way to win back your ex? Post a picture of him/her on Instagram, of course! Okay, maybe that’s not the best plan of attack, but according to many of your favorite celebrities (ehh…mostly Justin Bieber), they seem to think it’s a game-winning solution. But even for the stars who don’t use the photo-sharing site as a way to lure their former significant other back in, it’s always pretty awkward when you’re innocently scrolling through your Insta feed and suddenly notice a major couple throwback posted by one half of the pair. We’re talking to you, Nick Jonas!

Whether you’re one of the people who roll their eyes every time JB comes up with another ‘most elegant princess in the world’ moment, or literally die to have stars at least acknowledge the person they were once shipped hard with, you can appreciate the fact that it takes guts to upload a photo of (or sometimes with!) their former flame.