5SOS’ Official “Youngblood” Video Will Confuse You, But Also Make You Quake

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5SOS‘ “Youngblood” is a bop and a half — we been knew. And when you have a song as epic as that, you need a music video that matches. Sure, the live version was great and all, especially if you missed the band on the 5SOS3 Tour, but we’re talking a real MV… ya know, with production and plot and FEELING.

The 5 Seconds of Summer boys kicked off their Meet You There Tour in Osaka, Japan, today and decided to celebrate by giving fans a surprise — the official “Youngblood” music video. If you’re expecting Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford to appear in the vid — which, let’s be real, you probably are seeing as they’re in the frickin’ band — we highly suggest you adjust your expectations a bit.

The video actually takes place in Japan and shows an alternate version of 5SOS living their lives in the 1950s. Picture Grease taking place in Tokyo, add in a little bit of The Notebook‘s storyline, and you’ll have the “Youngblood” vid.

5sos youngblood official music video

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Sure, the whole thing is a little surprising at first, but the concept is actually super cool. Basically, an elderly couple living in a facility takes a pill, which, as noted by Vevo, is magic and gives them “24 hours to experience youth again.” We then watch as the younger version of the pair gets to know each other and, eventually, falls in love despite going through countless ups and downs.

Guitarist Michael Clifford acknowledges that the video is different to the ones the band has released in the past, but encourages the #5SOSFam to watch it “with an open mind.”

Drummer Ashton Irwin explains the inspiration for them music video in a statement saying, “There are many wonderful, interesting, and captivating subcultures all over the world. In every corner of this earth there are groups of inventors, visionaries, thrill seekers, and boundary pushers. These wonderful worlds that people have created, spread, and effect everyone that comes into contact with them. The Japanese Rockabilly culture is that of a renaissance and a beautiful flare of passion for everything old and new and that makes this particular subculture so interesting and amazing to us.”

“We hope you enjoy this video. Thank you for allowing us to be explorative with the concepts we choose to visually express our songs to you,” he continues. “Thank you to everyone that brought this video to life.”

Everlasting love: a concept.