This 5SOS Fan’s “Youngblood”-Inspired Eyeshadow is GORGEOUS

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Sometimes, when our favorite musicians release new music, their new song inspires us in ways we’ve never felt before. Of course, we all have different ways of expressing our creativity. Sometimes, a song inspires people to record a cover, write a story, and, in this case, create a vibrant new makeup look.

Earlier today, Twitter user @httpchazz (a.k.a. Charlotte) took to Twitter to share four different stunning eyeshadow looks, inspired by the four distinct photos of the 5SOS boys on the single art for their latest song, “Youngblood.” Take a look:

As you probably could’ve guessed, it didn’t take long for Charlotte’s followers to compliment her amazing creation. One person hit her back on Twitter saying, “you’re mad talented like wow,” with another person adding, “You gotta teach me your magic because it’s insane… just sayin’.” Another person even dubbed her the “QUEEN OF EYE MAKEUP.” Honestly, we couldn’t agree more! These eyeshadow looks are SO mesmerizing!