Teen.com Endorses: 50/50! 50 (Ok, 5) Reasons Why You Should See It

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen in 50/50

Photo: Summit Entertainment

We haven’t done a movie review here on Teen.com in quite some time, so we figured we’d reincarnate our “Teen.com Endorses” feature with a good one — 50/50. Which makes sense also, because it’s the first movie in forevs (ok, fine, since Crazy, Stupid Love) during which we’ve laughed and cried and been so freakin’ obsessed. And guess what? It’s not just that “cancer” movie with that funny used-to-be-fat dude (Seth Rogen), that chick from Twilight (Anna Kendrick) and the romantic guy in that Zooey Deschanel movie (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Nu uh. This movie is some quality stuff, you guys.

Here’s why…

1. It’s funny. No, but really. Anything with Seth Rogen in it is guaranteed to be hilar, and this movie makes illness funny but in a totally serious way, if that even makes sense. Seth’s character Kyle is definitely the comic relief of the flick, but he has a total soft spot, too.
2. It’s realistic. Minus the whole romance thing (but what’s a big budget movie without that, right?) every single thing that happens in the flick would happen in real life, and that’s refreshing to see in a world of fake rom-coms and over-the-top action flicks.
3. You’ll realize you’re a good girlfriend/friend/daughter/person in general. Well, whether you’re in a relash or not doesn’t actually matter. The point we’re trying to make here is that the flick will force you to think about what you’d do if someone close to you got sick with cancer. You’d stick it out, right? That’s not always the case here. You’ll see…
4. You’ll realize you love your parents. Fine, you already knew that, but Joseph’s character Adam has a breakthrough with his mom throughout the flick, and we think after watching, you won’t let your mom’s next call go to voicemail. Just sayin’.
5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is hot. Ugh, we really hate to be so superficial when talking about a serious movie like this, but how could we not mention how freakin’ FINE JoGord looks? And we think his character Adam knows he looks good. He doesn’t pick up girls with his cute little bald head for nothing.

Anyway, check out all the pics from the flick below: