The Acoustic Version of “Youngblood” by 5SOS is Here & We’re V Emotional

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The 5 Seconds of Summer boys are on a roll with the surprises! First they announce that their upcoming third album, Youngblood, will be released on June 15 instead of the 22nd, and then they go and release an acoustic version of “Youngblood” to help make the next two weeks fly by. YAAAAAAS!

If you’re familiar with the OG “Youngblood,” which, let’s be honest, you probably haven’t stopped listening to in weeks, you know that it’s a total BANGER with a sick drum beat that you can’t help rock out to. The acoustic version, however, is quieter (obviously) and manages to give us ALLLLLLL the feels — THOSE HARMONIES, THO!

“My favorite version of a song we have ever made,” drummer Ashton Irwin said about “YB” acoustic.

We’re gonna have to agree with you, Ash. The acoustic version of “Want You Back” was great and all, but this bad boy is on ANOTHER FREAKIN’ LEVEL! After you listen to the song above, click here to download it on iTunes or stream it on Spotify!