18 Times We Lost Our S*it at 5 Seconds of Summer’s Sounds Live Feels Live

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Seeing 5 Seconds of Summer live is great whenever you get the opportunity to do it, but watching Michael, Calum, Luke and Ashton rock a sold-out headlining gig at NYC’s iconic Madison Square Garden is on a whooooooole new level of epic.

Thanks to our friends at Live Nation, we were able to check out 5SOS’ Sounds Live Feels Live show on Friday night at MSG from — wait for it — the third effing row. Needless to say, we lived, died, and were reborn at The Garden, and we honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. In case you weren’t one of the lucky people who got to witness the wonder live, we’re here to take you through the spiritual journey and recap the best moments of the night. Prepare yourselves — it’s going to be a bumpy road.

1. When we realized there were special SLFL filters on Snapchat — NGL, a good Snapchat filter makes everything more legit.

2. When the shadows of 5SOS descended upon us — The opening of any concert is exciting, but when Michael started playing the opening chords of “Carry On” on the effing piano and then the other boys’ silhouettes appeared among the fog, the piercing screams got RUUUUL loud RUUUUL quick.

3. When Luke walked out on the catwalk — As we mentioned, we were sitting in the third effing row of MSG, so when Luke (who stands in the middle) walked down the runway and got SO close that we could see the beads of sweat sticking to his perfectly unkempt beard, we had to hold back a sob slash projectile vomit, if you know what we mean.

4. When we realized Calum was wearing a New York City shirt — There’s always something special about your fave celebs wearing clothes from your hometown, so when the bassist showed up in a NYC tank (that he was apparently saving for six years so he could wear it on the special day), our hearts burst.

5. When they talked about being nervous for the show — Playing Madsion Square Garden is a HUGE deal for any artist, but selling it out is an accomplishment that not many people can say they’ve achieved. Needless to say, the boys were very vocal about how they’d been waiting for the show since the day the tour was announced and were actually worried to come on stage, something that hasn’t happened in quite a long time. Basically, precious beans are precious etc. etc. etc.

6. “Dreams come true, huh?” -Ashton Irwin — We believe it was a certain band who sang a certain song that said, “Hey, we’re taking on the world,” and boy did they ever. BE STILL OUR FRAGILE HEARTS, MR. IRWIN.

7. When Michael addressed the important issues happening in the world — Sure, a concert is a place for people to go to have fun, but the 20-year-old wanted to use the opportunity to speak about the tragedies that’ve been happening lately. “I know it sounds sappy –- it’s not meant to be cheesy –- but there is a lot of s*it happening in the world right now,” he said. “So, I’ve said this a few times already, but it definitely means more saying it onstage and talking to you like this. People like you who come to music concerts like this, you come to have a good time and to spread love. All that we ask of you tonight is to have a good time and to love someone here tonight.”

8. And then when he proceeded to stab us in the heart — If you’ve been following SLFL for the past few weeks, you know there’s a moment in the show when Michael comes out on stage before “Jet Black Heart” and just takes in the crowd. And while this beautiful moments happened at MSG as expected, no one was ready for the blond’s teary eyes and whisper of, “I made it.” NO ONE, WE TELL YOU.

9. When they played their new song “Girls Talk Boys” for the first time live — What are words? What is life? WHAT THE EFF IS LUKE HEMMINGS PLAYING THE PIANO?! Goodbye.

10. When Calum mimicked a striptease — At one point in the show, Michael mentioned that Cal was going to come out on stage and take all of his clothes off. Sure, the bassist was prob a little bit embarrassed, but he had to just roll with his friend’s joke and proceeded to dance to a sexy beat that his pals laid down.

11. When 18,000 people came together to sing in perfect unison — No words needed.

12. When we realized we were witnessing Luke’s last show as a teenager — In what world does Luke Hemmings think he has the right to grow up in front of our eyes? IN WHAT WORLD, WE ASK YOU??

13. When Michael encouraged people to have sex — “Maybe even make love, if you wish,” the bleached babe casually mentioned, but then backtracked when he realized what he was telling young fans to do.

14. When we got confetti-bombed — Sorry not sorry to humble brag again, but when you’re sitting in the third row of a concert that has HUGE confetti launchers, you’re going to inevitably get COVERED in bits of paper. In theory this may sound annoying, but it was one of the most beautiful moments ever.

15. When Luke changed a note in “Vapor” — It’s fine… we didn’t need our soul anyway.

16. When Michael and Ashton embraced — MASHTON IS REAL!!

17. When the boys gave their final bow — We can’t even imagine what it must be like to play your dream concert with your best friends, so witnessing our favorite Aussies share this moment together made us feel like proud moms.

18. When Ashton threw caution to the wind and jumped into the crowd — Because when you’re on a post-concert high, nothing can hurt you! (Side note: thousands of screaming fans can, most definitely, hurt you).

In short, Sounds Live Feels Live is everything and more. We still haven’t recovered, TBH, and perhaps never will. If you’d like to join in our joy and suffering, there are still a TON of tour dates to come — check ’em out and get your tickets on Live Nation right now!


This definitely wasn’t the first time the 5SOS boys made us lose all chill…

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