A 5 Seconds of Summer Guy Left Injured by ANOTHER Painful On-Stage Accident

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Michael Clifford may love performing, but performing clearly doesn’t love him back. It was only few months ago that he got into a scary on-stage accident after some pyrotechnics caught his hair on fire mid-performance. And now, while rocking out with his band 5 Seconds of Summer at BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards 2015 at Wembley Arena (the same site of the fire incident), the 19-year-old musician has suffered another scary injury.

Mikey and his bandmates Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin had just stepped on stage to close the award show when he lost his footing and took a spill straight off stage. Apparently, he was “looking at Rita Ora,” got distracted, and plunged into the audience.

Ouch! That had to hurt. Even though the fall clearly looked painful, Michael got right back up and continued the multi-song performance without a second thought. But as soon as the band got off stage and adrenaline wore off, the “She’s Kinda Hot” singer realized that he was actually injured.

So, yes; While Michael promised fans he’s going to be okay (thank goodness!) and made light of the situation, the truth of the matter is he actually got hurt enough to need crutches for a few days! Awwww, poor bebe.

We hope you feel better soon, Michael! Leave your well wishes for the 5SOS guy in the comments below!

You can watch 5 Seconds of Summer’s full performance (and Mikey’s fall) below:

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