All the Stars Who Look So Much Like 5 Seconds of Summer Members, It’s Insane

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The 5 Seconds of Summer guys are a unique bunch of humans, in terms of their personalities. But when it comes to their looks, they’re not unlike people you’re already familiar with in Hollywood. In fact, each member of the foursome has at least one lookalike celebrity out there. Here are the best matches:

1. Michael Clifford | Evan Peters — While the American Horror Story actor is often compared to Ashton Irwin, what with his similar dimples and mouth and… basically whole lower half of the face, if you think of Evan’s style compared to Michael’s, they’re far similar. Especially in the hair department. And general grunginess.

2. Luke Hemmings | Taylor Swift — HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It might sound crazy, but find the lie. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

3. Ashton Irwin | Sam Claflin — Cover their eyes. Then — and ONLY then — will you see what 5SOS fans see when they look at the Hunger Games hottie.

4. Calum Hood | Mario Lopez — We’d almost given up hope of finding a celebrity who compares to the raven-haired Aussie. A lot of anime suggestions popped up during our search, yet not many legit stars. Young Joseph Gordon-Levitt, circa 10 Things I Hate About You, came up once or twice, but eh. Then, this bad boy:

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