33 Times 5SOS Fans were 100 Percent Positive that Ashton Irwin is ‘Daddy AF’

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According to Urban Dictionary, daddy AF is “a term mostly used for Ashton Irwin, Liam Payne, or Louis Tomlinson.” To put it simply, to be ‘daddy AF’ means you’re so hot it’s impossible to handle. Which is why we (kinda) completely understand why 5 Seconds of Summer fans are OB-SESSED with telling Ashton just how daddy AF is he all. the. time. Cue the music! “He looks so daddy standing there…”

1. When he wore red:

2. When he was shirtless:

3. When he was holding a baby:

4. When he existed:

5. When he understood his nickname:

6. When he winked:

7. When he was a ‘side daddy:’

8. When he was a sexy zombie:

9. When it was Father’s Day:

10. When he got an offer like this:

11. When Google didn’t lie:

12. When this is all the explanation that was needed:

13. When he got a double ‘daddy:’

14. When he clearly won the fanfiction award:

15. When he wasn’t liked, but still daddy:

16. When he fed Calum Hood:

17. When he stared:

18. When he got an apology:

19. When 5SOS was in kindergarten:

20. When this petition was started for ~reasons~

21. When he was still Daddy even as a Disney princess:

22. When he got this request:

23. When the most accurate shirt was created:

24. When the size of his hands matter:

25. When this explained everything:

26. When he was sad:

27. When he’ll never stop:

28. When his voice was perfect:

29. When his hair was everywhere:

30. When he rocked a man bun:

31. When he confused Siri:

32. When a blurry photo couldn’t bring him down:

33. When he changed his Twitter icon:

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