The Internet Breaks as 5 Seconds of Summer Announces New Album

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It's the moment all fans of 5 Seconds of Summer have been waiting for — the Australian pop punk group just announced an upcoming album!

Oh yeah, and the foursome released the tracklist, too:

1. "She Looks So Perfect"
2. "Don't Stop"
3. "Good Girls"
4. "Kiss Me Kiss Me"
5. "18"
6. "Everything I Didn't Say"
7. "Beside You"
8. "End Up Here"
9. "Long Way Home"
10. "Heartbreak Girl"
11. "Lost Boy"
12. "Amnesia"

13. "Social Casualty"
14. "Never Be"
15. "Voodoo Doll"
16. "Green Light"

Naturally, #FinallyA5sosAlbum became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, taking the #1 spot for hours on end.

And one more from our pal Tyler Oakley:

Are you pumped for the 5 Seconds of Summer album? Which song's your favorite so far? Tell us all your 5SOS-related thoughts in the comments below!

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