5 Reasons We’re Freaking Out About ‘Tower Prep’

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There are just a few days left until Tower Prep premieres, but we can hardly stand it, we’re so excited.

There are 5 days ’til the debut, so here are the top 5 reasons we can hardly wait:

1. The Tower Prep cast makes school uniforms look cooler than anyone else on TV. (True, the uniforms on Gossip Girl used to be pretty enviable, but they totally broke the dress code rules. No one could ever get away with peep-toe pumps and thigh-high stockings in real private school.)

2. Have you seen Drew Van Acker? The guy is part-time actor, part-time model… and full-time heartthrob.

3. Ryan Pinkston is the cutest bespeckled boy we’ve seen since Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter.

4. Cartoon Network! Doing an awesome live-action series! Finally, we don’t have to feel embarrassed for tuning in to one of our favorite channels since childhood. (What? We like still like Saturday morning cartoons. So sue us.)

5. It’s totes Lost meets Pretty Little Liars. What’s not to love?