Why Should You See 30 Minutes or Less? Because “Taylor Lautner is Fully Nude” In It. Duh (Exclusive Video)

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We’re not lying! Ok, we are. Clearly there’s no Taylor Lautner in 30 Minutes or Less, which does star the LOL-worthy Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride and Nick Swardson. But we asked the hilar stars of the flick why we should see the movie and they insisted that it’s a “side story of the Twilight series” and features Taylor in the buff. Good one guys. But also? The dudes spilled on which celeb they’d want as their partner in crime, why buying a sandwich is romantic, and how one of them headlocked his grandma. Alrighty then.

Watch the hilarious vid! And just a warning, you’ll laugh as much watching it as we did while doing it.

30 Minutes or Less is out now! Are you gonna see it? Are you a fan of the hilarious actors in the movie? Tell us in the comments!