Behind-The-Scenes Deets of Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum’s 21 Jump Street!!!

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Way back in June of 2011, we were among the lucky few editors picked to go hang out with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum IRL. Unfortunately it wasn’t like, a Caribbean vacay or anything, but we traveled long and hard from NYC down to sweltering hot New Orleans to hang out on the set of their new movie, 21 Jump Street. You’ve prob seen the trailer by now and whatever, but we’re going to give you a way more detailed version of the movie and a PLAY-BY-PLAY of our visit. Which basically means TONS of details on how hot Channing is in person, how funny Jonah is in real life, and what it’s like to sit this close to Dave Franco. Oh, and we also have a never-before-seen clip from the movie that we actually got to see being filmed. So freakin’ cool.

Keep clicking through for our set-visit play-by-play!

Part One: Watching Them Film a High School Scene
The movie stars Channing and Jonah as cops going undercover as high school students as they try to get rid of a drug problem in their former school, and we got to GO TO THE HIGH SCHOOL THEY WERE FILMING AT! Cool, right? Well, actually it was about 95 degrees there but we digress. When we arrived on set, we got to watch Dave and his on-screen girlfriend, Brie Larson, and the rest of the movie’s “popular kids” film a scene outside the school. They did about 8 takes or so and once they got the perfect one, they head inside into air-conditioning and, thankfully, so did we…brie-larson-21-jump-street

Click for Part Two: Brie Larson!

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