18 Awesome Teen Movies You’re Already Dying to See in 2018

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There’s something so comforting and fun about going to the movies with your friends. No matter how old we get, going to the movies is a staple weekend activity. It’s so nice to have an excuse to buy over-priced buttery movie popcorn and lounge around for two to three hours. At least now all the theaters have made some major upgrades and most chairs are now leather recliners with folding trays, and it totally makes the visit all the more enticing.

This year hasn’t been the best for the television and film industry. We’ve taken some hard blows and had to see way too many great TV shows come to an end, and sometimes we didn’t even know we watched the finale until it was already over!

As for movies, there were far too many total duds. We had such high expectations for Everything, Everything and were so sad to see it become such a total flop. We honestly might watch The Emoji Movie just to get a good laugh at how bad it is the next time we have a rough day.

Thankfully, there were just as many incredible movies this year as there were bad ones. We would watch The Mummy five times in a row if that meant we could watch Wonder Woman just once more. It’s so crazy to think that we’re already looking back at this year and gearing up for 2018, but with the holidays just around the corner, we are putting our gaze to the future.

We are total movie junkies, and with so many incredible movies in the works from Marvel, Disney AND the DC Comics extended universe, we want it to be 2018 ASAP.

There are also a TON of other exciting movies coming out next year, we can’t believe that we are finally getting Maze Runner: The Death Cure in 2018 almost two years after Dylan O’Brien‘s scary on-set accident.

Not only are we seeing some of our favorite franchises come to a close, but a lot of new beginnings are happening as well! We think the next year of movies will totally make up for some of the ones we had to suffer through this year and we couldn’t be more excited. We rounded up all of the BIGGEST movies coming out next year that you’re not going to want to miss: