8 Books-Turned-TV Shows Coming to the Small Screen in 2018

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We get it — not everyone likes to read. Taking a trip to the library and walking out with a stack of new books sounds like heaven to some and torture to others. But when it comes to Netflix binges, it’s a lot harder to find people who don’t spend most weekends racing through episode after episode of whichever series they selected at the time.

That’s why we love these 2018 TV releases in particular. Just because someone gets bored turning pages doesn’t mean they won’t be super invested once that same story is transformed onto their television screen. Think about the successes of Gossip Girl, Big Little Lies, and Game of Thrones. Sure, they were all bestselling novels, but they reached peak popularity when they were reimagined as scripts.

Let’s be clear, all of these novels are worth a read. But when they’re turned into TV shows this year, they’ll worth a watch, as well! We recommend doing both, so you better get to it. With most of their exact 2018 release dates still stuck at TBD, they could strike at any moment.