16 of the Most Shocking YouTube Breakups of 2017

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Alissa Violet & Jake Paul

Alissa Violet & Jake Paul

When Alissa left the Team 10 house in February of 2017, a very public breakup with the younger Paul brother ensued — and we're STILL dealing with the aftermath. First things first, she and Jake both took to Twitter for a bunch of he said, she said. Long story short, both claim the other cheated. Then they moved onto another social media platform to throw shade at each other with diss tracks "Its Everyday Bro" and "It's Everynight Sis."

And just when we thought things were winding down and they were moving on with Erika Costell and FaZe Banks, cue the rumors — yes, again. This time, Jake's assistant Meg Zelly claimed that Alissa's current BF had assaulted her, which led to Alissa outing Jake for physically abusing her in the past. Talk about a tangled web, but we think it's safe to say they're done. Whether they're done fighting, though, is still up for debate.

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