16 of the Most Shocking YouTube Breakups of 2017

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As if we weren’t already torn up by all of the hot Hollywood couples who have called it quits this year, we’ve got even more to cry about thanks to some devastating announcements from the YouTube community. There must be something in the water because it’s starting to feel like heartbreak after heartbreak these days. And with so many breakups happening among our fave YouTubers in 2017, we’ve had to mourn more than just silver screen celeb pairs like Anna Faris and Chris Pratt (among so many others).

And in some ways, YT splits are even harder than mainstream-celebrity breakups — these separations can sometimes hurt as badly as watching your friends and family members go through hard times. Think that sounds crazy? Hear us out. Depending on the creator, subscribing to their channel can mean more than watching videos every now and again — it means a glimpse (or even a full-on look) into their lives and their emotions. At the end of the day, you feel like you know your favorite YouTubers, maybe even more than you know some of your co-workers or classmates — even though they don’t know you.

That’s why it’s so difficult to see our favorites go through the hard stuff, whether that’s a diagnosis, mental health issue, or a breakup, because all we can do is sit back and watch the hurt and the heartbreak — and write supportive comments to them on social media, of course. The couples we’ve rounded up below have all been going through it this year, some of them having to break up families and break up channels as a result of their relationship fizzling. And while we’re tempted to pick sides in a few of these cases, we’re just wishing all of them the best.