11 “Sexy” Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Want to Cancel Halloween

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There comes a time in every teen’s life — sometimes even earlier than that — when they realize their classmates’ costumes went from being picked out by parents to being barely pieced together. Whether you didn’t get the sexy memo and showed up as a banana or spearheaded the trend at your own school, there is always a shift when costumes start to look less like costumes and more like lingerie. For some people, this is just a phase, or something they never even try. But for others, it’s forever.

Celebrities are guilty of taking this to extremes sometimes. Miley Cyrus once dressed as Lil Kim with a cutout jumpsuit and purple nipple pastie, while Paris Hilton channeled MiCY herself in a strapless teddy bear leotard. And we’ve lost count of how many Hollywood stars have showed up in skintight cat costumes on Halloween.

But you don’t have to be on the red carpet to sport a sexy ‘fit; there are endless online options for low-cut, cutout, and super-short takes on your favorite characters, professions, and even foods. We’re all familiar with the usual sexy nurses, cops, maids and pirates, but did you know you could be a sexy crayon? We aren’t kidding. Companies are SUPER creative, and every year they come out with new ensembles that play up the latest trends.

2017 will be no exception! It’s safe to say we’ve had a weird year, and that won’t be more apparent than on October 31st. Between all the new TV shows, movies, and just plain old strange trends, you’ll see that sexy costumes have been taken up a notch. The ones we’ve rounded up are the worst of the worst — but don’t let them scare you away from our favorite spooky holiday! There are better options out there, trust us.