9 LGBTQ+ Pairs That Blessed Us with Wedding Announcements in 2017

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Love is in the air — and it has been all year! Even though we’ve been hit back to back (to back) with more divorces and breakups than we know what to do with in the past 12 months, it’s a little easier to forget about Josh Duhamel and Fergie’s failed relationship with so many new relationship announcements. Have you seen the list of celeb couples that got both engaged and married all within 2017? It’ll put a little hope in you if Chris Pratt and Anna Farisfalling out made you question whether or not love exists.

But not all proposals and wedding ceremonies are such whirlwinds. It seems like most Hollywood relationships simmer for years before they’re made official — and some skip that stage altogether. So while we’ve seen a lot of not-so-fast and furious nuptials this year, that hasn’t been the only wedding trend of 2017. We’ve also been seeing a ton of LGBTQ+ marriages that have been in the works for a while — and we had to share. If you were freaking out over how adorable Colton Haynesdouble engagement to Jeff Leatham was this year, then you’ll love this.

Because while proposals are great, weddings are like a thousand times greater. There’s something so amazing about two people binding themselves to each other — especially when those two people couldn’t legally do so before the Supreme Court ruling in 2015. So many of these queer pairs dated for years — even decades — and never thought they’d get married in their lifetimes. So to see them now with rings on their fingers telling their fans how perfect their wedding was is kind of the best thing ever. So before you let any of this year’s breakups shake you too hard, treat yourself to a round up of newly married gay and lesbian couples that are so clearly in love, you’ll be swooning right along with them.