12 Must-Read YouTube Star Books… That are Coming Out This Year!

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YouTubers just can’t seem to stop cranking out books, and rightfully so. The funny — and, at times, very real — page turners are nothing short of amazing. So, if you’re feeling like screen time just doesn’t cut it as a loyal subscriber, you can turn to YouTubers’ books that are chock full of wisdom and can fill you in on all of the things that you need to know. Last year was an incredible time for the mass release of social media stars’ books, ranging from Alfie DeyesThe Scrapbook of My Life to Fleur de Force‘s The Luxe Life.

This year’s YouTuber books are no exception. As you finish up early 2017 releases, like Bethany Mota‘s Make Up Your Mind, get ready for more books you’re not going to want to put down. Turns out, YouTubers have a lot to say despite their young age, which makes their novels all the more relatable and exciting to read. Here is the complete list of the YouTuber books you need to purchase by the end of this year: