13 Meme Costumes for Halloween 2016 That Will Be Super Overplayed

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Ah, memes. What were once just niche inside jokes from people who spent too much time online have now gone mainstream… and still only make sense to people who spend too much time online. Years ago, a journalists wouldn’t have bothered writing up articles about the latest meme, and those memes definitely wouldn’t have gone so viral so quickly. Memes used to have a much longer shelf life. Now? There are think pieces in established publications about memes, people who unintentionally become memes end up on Ellen and scoring college scholarship money, and as quickly as they become hot, memes become old after a week or so, only the truly brilliant ones have any type of longevity.

I sound like a weirdo saying this, but this year has been a primo year for memes — both good and obnoxious — and it’s only natural that they’ll experience their last hurrah of 2016 during Halloween, when thousands of people decide to dress up as them. Check out these 13 memes you’re guaranteed to see in costume form this year, from Joanne the Scammer, to Harambe, to that Mr. Krabs meme that still manages to be funny AF:

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