2013 Comic-Con: ‘Divergent’ Live Blog!

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It's finally here — Comic-Con 2013! There are plenty of awesome movies and TV shows being covered this year, and Teen will be front and center for all of it! First up, we'll be live blogging the press conference for Divergent, with Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Miles Teller, Veronica Roth and more so check back at 2:15 PM PST today for updates!


They're gone! Next up is the cast of Ender's Game and then over to Hall H for the panel later today. Make sure to follow @teen on Twitter for more updates from Comic-Con 2013.

3:32PM – Shailene on the ferris wheel scene: "It was pretty special. It was a night shoot and we climbed this Ferris wheel for 12 or 13 hours straight. And it was a full moon and the first super moon of the year, which I'm a huge geek about. One of my favorite moments… of life."

3:31PM – Veronica on seeing scenes from the movie vs. the book. "The ferris wheel. Because… it was the ferris shweel that is in Chicago that I wrote about. On the ladder that I researched to make sure it was there. It's very faithful."

3:30 PM – Theo James on singing: "It's something I've done since I was very young. It's part of my 'thang.'

3:24 – Shailene on reading the book and the script and building the character: "[Since Divergent was in the first person] Veronica did a lot of the work for me." Veronica says, "Totally different work."

3:21 – Joey asked a question to Shailene and Theo! He asked what would be in their fear landscape in the real world. Theo talked about hummus (?) and Shailene said the crows from the book were pretty terrifying. Veronica reveals that her mom made that decision when she was in the writing process. She asked her mom if it should be crows or spiders and her mom said crows. "Way creepier."

3:17PM – Shailene saying she has never worked on a movie "this scale before with themes this big. It was challenging for me." Neil brought it to fruition." Also says that Jennifer Lawrence helped her.

3:14 PM – Shailene, Theo, Veronica Roth (author) and Neil Burger (director) just came out!

3:01: "I don't do any action in this film… This was a nice departure. I'm sure there will be action in the second one." Says it was nice to not do action after 10 months of Nikita. Describes action role as "a box" that she's slowly climbing out of. "I wanted tory to look muscle-y. I only train for a result, not to look a certain way, so it was interesting." Miles then jumped in… "I only train to look good." To which Maggie replied, "What happened?" LOL.

2:59 PM – Amy Newbold: "It's a wonderful thing that Veronica has created."

2:51 PM – Miles is asked what it's like to work with Shailene on Divergent and Spectacular Now. His funny response. "Um, she's very pretty."

2:49 PM – Miles Teller says that a buddy from Twilight cast changed the way he looks at Divergent. "Shailene is kind of realizing it for the first time. She just got done filming a few days ago. To be the face of this franchise and come down to comic Con and see her face on posters and how big this could become … you are trading in a lot of your personal life."

2:42 PM – It's started! First up is secondary cast members including Maggie Q, Zoe Karavitz, Miles Teller and Mekhi Phifer and more.

2:23 PM – Sitting in the Hilton Bayfront with Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena waiting for the cast to come out to talk to us! Send us questions using #TeenSDCC!

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