Who’s Performing At the MTV VMAs?! Adele! But Also….

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Summer is almost over. Boo. Hoo. But even though August automatically triggers “Back To School” in that brain of yours, it should also trigger “Awesome Awards Shows.” Because next month we get to watch the Teen Choice Awards and the MTV Video Music Awards. And not only did we recently get tons of deets on the TCA’s, but now we finally know who’s going to be performing at the VMA’s, too!

Clearly Adele made the roster (um, that pic, hello), but who else will join her on stage on the big night?!

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…Lil Wayne and Chris Brown! MTV.com reports that Adele, who’s nominated for seven moonmen, will perform to her first time ever at the show, as will Wayne and Chris. Can’t wait!

The VMAs air on August 28 on MTV! Are you excited for the show? Pumped to see these three peeps perform? Tell us in the comments!