From Our BFFs: Wanna See 150+ Movies From 2011 in Less Than 10 Minutes?

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We like to call this video, Rise of the Planet of the Kung Fu Harry Potter and the 50/50 X-Men: First Crazy, Stupid, Cowboys vs. The Smurfs In Time. It’s just what you need if you haven’t seen too many movies this year and seriously need to catch up. [Wetpaint]

We totally understand the need for a twitten (a mitten built for two)… if your boyf’s Ryan Gosling. [gURL]

Lea Michele better watch out ’cause it looks like Ashton Kutcher has his eyes set on his next wife a new target. Guess the grieving process is over, eh? [Posh24]

OMG! PLL‘s Drew Van Acker says his character is actually related to one of the Little Liars. Please, don’t say it’s Aria! [Just Jared Jr.]

Austin & Ally, A.N.T. Farm, Glee — long live musical TV shows!  [HuffPost High School]

And speaking of Glee, one of its song covers made the list of our BFF’s fave holiday tunes! Can you guess which one? [Hollywire]

Selena Gomez‘s When the Sun Goes Down is not exactly new. But with its recent album sales, you’d think it is — what gives??  [Cambio]

Should we expect Jemi: 2.0? After peeping Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas‘ flirty tweets, all signs point to… eh. [M]

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