From Our BFFs: Wanna Watch A Girl Sing 13 Disney Songs in One Vid?

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We’ve seen some pretty talented YouTube peeps cover Disney songs. But that’s usually one at a time! Bravo to this girl for doing like, a million! [HuffPost High School]

Just to whet your appetite for The Hunger Games even more, five new THG stills just debuted! [Just Jared Jr.]

We’re playing Reality TV Secret Santa, and you’ll never guess what Snooki‘s giving away this holiday season. [gURL]

Poor Dianna Agron. Her love life on Glee isn’t the only one that’s suffering. She just split up from her boyf IRL, Sebastian Stan! [Wetpaint]

Katy Perry is set to host SNL (again!) this weekend and we’re already LOLing at her sweater in the promos! [4TNZ]

What’s this? A big fat ring and a secret wedding trip for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez?! PICTURE PROOF! [Posh24]

Wanna win $10,00 and a free concert from guitar-playing cutie, Skyler? Enter now! PS it’s for a good cause… [Channel One]

Willow Smith def won’t be whipping her hair in her newest music vid for “Fireball.” Still, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. [Hollywire]

And speaking of new MVs, Karmin‘s Nick & Amy finally released the official one for “Crash Your Party!” [Cambio]

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