16 & Pregnant: Exclusive Interview with Aubrey!

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So far on this season of 16 & Pregnant, we’ve seen Emily drop out of school to take care of her son, Liam, Felicia, whose raising her daughter sans baby daddy, and Brooke, whose baby eats her homework (for real!). But on tonight’s eppie of the show, we meet Aubrey, the sleep-deprived teen mom who’s given up her social life to take care of baby Austin.

We chatted with Aubrey, who had quite a few words for girls who want to have babies in their teens. Read on!

When you found out you were pregnant, did you ever consider abortion or adoption?
My husband (boyfriend at the time) and I briefly discussed our options at the beginning of the pregnancy. We both decided we were going to follow through with our responsibilities and have the baby. We didn’t have to do any convincing of one another.

Is your baby’s father supportive?
Yes he is. He loves his son very much, and has been a wonderful dad from the day Austin was born.

You’re lucky! What’s the biggest struggle with balancing motherhood and being a teen?
Just trying to throw a social life in the mixture of all of it. Luckily, however, my closest friends love Austin and consider themselves family so I get to see them quite often. But as far as a day to myself with just friends, I haven’t had one of those in months.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve had to give up since getting pregnant?
My sleep!! I miss it the most. I don’t feel like I ever get an adequate amount of sleep.

Can you tell us your thoughts on sex-ed? What are the problems with it?
I think that sex education needs to be completely revised. Most girls know how to get pregnant, it’s become obvious that’s not the problem. One of the problems is they don’t know all of the options that are out there as far as birth control goes. We’re pretty much told in school there are birth control pills, condoms, & abstinence. With pregnancy rates rising as much as they are among teens you’d think we would start letting them know all of the options, or at least update America’s health books. We need to focus our attention on sending out a realistic message to teens about the hardships of raising children at such a young age.

What would you tell a teenager that wants to be a teen mom?
It’s hard, and it’s a HUGE responsibility. Are you ready to give your life up to someone else for the next 18 years? Because that is what you’re ultimately doing. I love my son and I would never take him back, but if I could push having him forward a couple years I’d do it in a heart-beat. You need to be prepared to have a child, and unfortunately when you’re 16 you can never be 100 percent prepared, or even 50 percent for that matter. Your relationship will completely change, and especially if it’s rocky already, I can’t stress to you enough how much more difficult it’s going to be. You will never get the extent of your social life back. You will never be allowed to sleep in, even if you’re exhausted and running on no sleep. You will have to put everything aside at least for a little while. Plus, countless other things. I can’t express enough how much life changes. My biggest fear is that bad things will result from teens that are not ready to handle the responsibility of being a mother. So ladies out there, do yourself a favor and please, please, please use protection. You have your whole lives ahead of you to grow up and have babies.

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