The 16 Best ’90s Slang Insults We All Need to Start Using Again

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One of my favorite things about looking back on growing up during the ’90s is remembering all of the crazy slang we used to use on a regular basis (like saying “phat” unironically. Cringe!). And since most of our ’90s slang words were utterly ridiculous, it makes sense that our insults would be just as laughable.

Well, now they’re laughable… but back then, believe it or not, these were serious insults! I said more than a few of these things during actual fights (embarrassing, I know), because they were legitimate comebacks. Okay, so you might still hear some of these phrases today, but they started in the ’90s, and most of them were left there too. Here are 16 of the best ’90s insults we should all vow to (seriously) start using again:

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