15 Stars Who Need to Delete Their Instagram ASAP

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One of the coolest things that we’re able to do with social media is follow celebrities. Like, imagine telling yourself 10+ years ago that you’d have access into the lives of famous people. Your younger self would think you were joking. Sites like Instagram are especially cool because the stars let you into the fold, and their world essentially becomes your world — virtually speaking, that is. BUT, there are some stars whose lives you don’t want to live vicariously through.

You see, the thing is, sometimes the stuff these stars post on Instagram starts to get a little too much. Like, enough is enough already. We get it, you love your nail polish or the way your briefs fit — ahem, Justin Bieber. It’s just that it’s oversaturated and ends up being pretty annoying (or creepy AF, like Miley Cyrus‘). So, here are some celebs who no longer need to log into their Instagram accounts because they seriously need to delete it, stat: