13 Struggles Only Lazy People Will Understand

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Being lazy isn’t a choice, people; The struggle is real!

1. Taking a shower is a process. You basically have to mentally prepare yourself before you jump in. You like being clean, but going from dry to wet and back again is just so annoying!



2. And once you do shower, you remain in your towel for way too long after. Changing into normal clothes makes total sense, but for some reasons remaining in your towel is what always happens.

3. You’ve always end up watching marathons of your least-favorite show. Because the remote is allllll the way over there and you simply cannot get up to change the channel.


4. You rock the same hair style every day. And it’s usually a top knot because, EASY! Ain’t nobody got time to do their hair every day.

5. You always choose to use paper plates. Why would anyone want to do dishes?

6. There seems to always be an abundance of laundry. This is probably because throwing possibly clean clothes in the wash is easier than hanging them up and putting ’em away.

7. And speaking of laundry, you know all the secrets to making your clothes fresh without actually washing them. Shout out to Fabreeze!

8. You’ve slept in your clothes because you didn’t want to change into pajamas. Yes, sweats are more comfortable, but they’re totally unnecessary to a lazy person.

Panda Whale

Panda Whale

9. And you’ve also slept with all the lights on. Do they really think you’re gonna movie from your comfy spot to hit the light switch? LOL!

10. Yoga pants > jeans. Besides being more comfortable, yoga pants are waaaay easier to get on! Ugh, if only they could make jeggings that were actually cute and comfy…

Glam Mommy Reviews
Glam Mommy Reviews

11. Dinner options are always limited. Despite how much you might be craving buffalo wings, they take WAY too long to cook. Pasta for the fourth night this week, it is!

12. You’ve nearly broken your arms/fingers carrying bags into the house. Must. Make. One. Trip!

13. You’re used to stomach pain from holding in your pee. Might as well just wait until you’re changing classes, getting up to leave, etc. to go to the bathroom, right?

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