13 “Welcome to Your Tape” Memes and the Very Serious Problem Behind Them

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Ever since the series 13 Reasons Why became available to stream on Netflix, the Internet hasn’t been able to stop talking about it! The show follows the story of Hannah Baker, a typical high school student who committed suicide and left a series of tapes behind — one for each of her peers whose actions she felt contributed to her death. The tapes made their way from person to person until everyone knew exactly what they did to hurt Hannah so badly, even if they never realized they’d done anything wrong in the first place.

Although the series has received praise for bringing to light the issue of teen suicide and bullying (and for just being downright entertaining), it’s also gotten a ton of backlash. Critics say that the show does a terrible job of highlighting the underlying problems Hannah was experiencing, including mental illness. Instead of showing viewers what they should actually do if they’re having thoughts of suicide, many people believe that the show does just the opposite. The show includes many potentially triggering scenes for those suffering with mental illness, including very graphic depictions of cutting and rape.

Regardless of the problems critics believe exist within the series, the main problem at the moment seems to be the firestorm that is the Internet. Of course, with any popular series there are going to be thousands of memes to hit the web, but considering the subject matter of 13 Reasons Why, it’s possible that these memes are only causing more trouble by making fun of the very serious issue that is suicide.

The memes from the series are referred to as “Welcome to Your Tape” memes, and they’re based on this idea that Hannah Baker is overly sensitive and she overreacted to the bullying she faced in high school. Whether or not this is true, the memes suggest that something as small as getting an order wrong at a restaurant or being told there’s a test coming up in school would be enough to send Hannah over the edge. Check out the memes below and let us know if you think these memes are taking it too far. We want to know!

1. We get it, we all love guac… but seriously?

2. There’s nothing worse than a broken McFlurry machine, but this is a bit overdramatic.

3. Okay, so there is one thing worse than a broken McFlurry machine: no WiFi.

4. No one wants to be ~that kid~, but, like… he doesn’t deserve this!

5. Yikes!

6. Again… overdramatic.

7. Remember: Just because your mom says you can’t stop for food, doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you.

8. Has the Coke-Pepsi debate really gotten this serious?

9. As a general rule of thumb, just don’t steal anyone’s food, okay?

10. While we totally don’t understand why your teacher can’t just do this, perhaps you’re overreacting.


12. Read receipts never do anyone any good.

13. Come on… This is really not that big of a deal.

As if all of the meme weren’t bad enough, look at all these awful 13RW products: