13 Reasons Why, Season 2 Will Issue a Warning Before Each Episode

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After the first season of 13 Reasons Why catapulted to success on Netflix, the show was praised for bringing awareness to real topics many teens face. But the show was also hit with major criticism from mental health advocates for glamorizing suicide and significantly increasing searches around the topic online. In response to the backlash from Season 1, 13 Reasons Why has a new approach for Season 2: The show will play a series of custom pre-roll warning videos featuring cast members Katherine Langford, Dylan Minnette, Justin Prentice, and Alisha Boe before each episode with an alert about the topics you are about to watch.

As you can see, this warning video prompts viewers to visit 13reasonswhy.info, which is a new hub for additional resources, including a crisis hotline. In addition to the new site, warning videos will also be added to every episode in Season 1 on Netflix. According to The Hollywood Reporter, these changes were in response to a global research study the show commissioned with a major university to learn more about how the show has affected teens and parents. After talking to 5,000 teens and parents in 5 countries, the study found that teens related to the characters and felt the series was an authentic depiction of high school life. The participants also said that the show opened their eyes to how people their age may be affected by depression.

Another result of the study is a brand new after show called Beyond the Reasons, that will continue the conversation with cast members, experts, and producers discussing the show’s tough topics. It’s worth noting that the study was done AFTER Season 2 was shot, and didn’t influence the content in any way. And as of now, there’s no premiere date for season 2, but we’ll be sure you know about it when the news hits.