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13 Reasons Why Shuts Down Production Due to Massive California Wildfires

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Popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why has temporarily shut down production on its second season, due to the horrific wildfires in Northern California.

Wildfires have been raging up and down the coast of California, and due to the Santa Ana winds and dry weather, the 13RW cast and crew have been forced to take safety precautions and put a pause on filming Season 2. The unexpected filming hiatus is set to end on Thursday, according to Deadline, though it is reported production won’t actually start back up until Sunday, as Friday and Saturday were already planned days off.

Cast and crew members are being been flown home in the meantime, as many live in areas that are being affected be the fires and upwards of 15 lives have been taken due to the danger of the fires. There have been over 20 wildfires just in the past week and they have not yet been contained.

During this difficult time, 13 Reasons Why cast members have taken to Twitter to share their support to those affected, including Dylan Minette, who plays Clay Jensen, and Devin Druid, who stars as Tyler Down. The two have been actively posting links to donation sites to help those affected:

The Netflix drama is set to return in 2018, most likely sometime in March. There has been no word on whether or not this hiatus will affect the show’s return date, but as for now, we’re sending our thoughts and prayers to all those affected.