All the 13 Reasons Why Fan Theories That Will Leave You SHOOK

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The highly-anticipated drama 13 Reasons WhySelena Gomez‘s passion project — finally made its Netflix debut and it’s all we can seem to talk about lately. The teen series follows the troubling suicide of Hannah Baker, a student at Liberty High School, and the classmates responsible for her death. After spending a weekend binging out on the TV adaptation of the young adult novel, the show left us ***stunned*** to say the least.

If you haven’t caught up on 13 Reasons Why, you’re missing out. Luckily, the entire first season is available, so you still have a chance to see what all the fuss is about. The show has already racked up a steady following with fan theories popping up all over the web. For those of us who are still reeling from the epic finale, let’s dive right in. *SPOILER ALERT* — consider yourself warned!

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1. Alex Actually Didn’t Try to Commit Suicide. Who could forget the major cliffhanger Season 1 left on after Alex Standall shot himself in the head? At the close of the episode, Principal Bolan rushes to tell Mr. Porter that Alex shot himself in the head and is in critical condition. As it turns out, it’s possible that Alex didn’t shoot himself and may have been shot by Tyler.

Earlier on the episode, we see Tyler stashing away guns in a trunk in his room before his mom walks in which makes it seem like he might be planning a school shooting. According to Refinery29, when Tyler takes down Alex’s picture in his darkroom, it’s because he already shot him in the head and made it look like Alex attempted suicide to cover it up. The theory even suggests that the school shooting won’t take place and that Tyler has 13 targets in the school who he plans to kill in what he will frame as attempted suicides.

2. Justin is the One in the Ambulance. After zooming in closely to the scene of the ambulance on the last episode, you can faintly see someone with brown hair peeking through their bandage, not Alex’s bleach blonde hair. According to a video uploaded by Shine On Media, it could be someone else entirely like Justin Foley, who may have gotten a hold of a gun and shot himself. It’s possible that Justin was suicidal after running away from home and telling Jessica Davis that he thought about jumping off a crane.

3. Mr. Porter Will Get Rid of His Tape. Clay has a conversation with Mr. Porter in which he reveals that he knows Hannah spoke with his office the day she died. After telling Mr. Porter that Bryce Walker was the one who sexually assaulted Hannah, he gives Mr. Porter the tapes and lets him decide if he will share them with the school administration or sweep it under the rug. One Tumblr user suspects that Mr. Porter will throw out his tape, which is also the same tape the contains Bryce’s confession. Since Mr. Porter has a wife and child, he may try to keep quiet and remove himself from the tapes in order to save his job and support his family.

“…there’s no doubt Porter would lose his job and never be able to counsel again. He wouldn’t chance it so he’d get rid of his tape, even though he knows it could [bring] forth the justice Hannah and Jess deserve.”

Only time will tell what other fan theories come about. Until then, the show will leave us guessing as we anxiously wait around for a potential Season 2. What are your 13 Reasons Why theories? Comment below!
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