10 13 Reasons Why Members Who Will Give You Hope for a Second Season

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It’s 13 Reasons Why… week? Month? Heck, we wouldn’t be surprised if the hype lasted all year. The show is seriously addicting — that’s why we’ve been so gung-ho about the fan theories, merchandise, even the real-life relationships among certain cast members (or lack thereof). Since we’re sure you binge-watched the series in its entirety in a matter of days (or hours), we know what you’re thinking: Will there be a Season 2?

There’s a lot of debate over it happening all over the Internet. Some are all for it, wanting to know what happens next. Will Alex survive? Why does Tyler have all those weapons? Where will Justin go? Others believe that the first season should be the only season. Why mess with a good thing? Hannah’s story is wrapped, and Clay’s tale ends on a decent-enough note. Whether or not you want it, these ten cast and crew members are down for another round of 13 Reasons Why: