14 13 Reasons Why Cast Members & Their Hollywood Lookalikes

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Selena Gomez has got herself a heck of a lot of celebrity doppelgangers, including, but not limited to, Lucy Hale, Maia Mitchell and Victoria Moroles. So you can bet that the young cast members from the Selena-produced Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why have at least one lookalike walking around Hollywood… and we’re here to scope ’em out.

That’s right, Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford and the rest of the gang have got themselves some famous twins-of-no-relation. By now, we’re sure you heard all about Dylan’s, considering he mentioned it himself earlier this month. But, for sh*ts and giggles, we’re here to show ’em all. Here are 14 13 Reasons Why cast members & their Hollywood lookalikes: