Alisha Boe’s Screen Test for 13 Reasons Why Proves She’s Meant to Play Jessica

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13 Reasons Why, Season 2 is fast approaching. We don’t have a release date or anything, but the cast wrapped up filming the second season in December 2017, so our hopes are high that it’ll hit Netflix sometime in the near future. Until that time comes, though, we’ve got a little treat for ya: exclusive footage from the DVD!

While we’re sure that you’ve binge-watched all 13 episodes from Season 1 more than once, we’re also sure that you’ve never seen the video above, which features Alisha Boe (a.ka. Jessica Davis), dishing on her connection to the project before it ever came to fruition on the small screen. The 21-year-old actress explains in the 43-second video:

Thirteen Reasons Why was so popular; everyone at my school was reading it and one of my best friends gave it to me. Like, we were obsessed with that book and I would pass it around to everyone I knew. So when I got the call and I read the pilot, I was like, ‘This is amazing.’ And I just thought how crazy it would be if I booked the part.”

The footage then cuts to a rare behind-the-scenes moment: her screen test! In it, you can watch Alisha audition for the role of Jessica. While you don’t see it in the tryout, the scene takes place in Monet’s Cafe, where Jessica and Hannah Baker see Alex Standall for the first time. “He’s checking you out.” “No, he’s checking you out.” So cute!

13 Reasons Why is available on DVD on Tuesday, April 3. Make sure to pick it up for more never-before-seen content, like the featurette above!